Reservoir Management

At a glance…
  • Field Development Planning
  • Integrated Studies
  • Reservoir Modeling
  • Production Diagnostics and Surveillance
  • Waterflood Analysis
  • EOR Screening and Design
  • Conformance Screening and Design
  • Field Development Studies including Integration of Geological and Geophysical Data, Maximizing Primary Depletion Development, Secondary Recovery Design and Analysis, Reservoir Simulation Studies and Incremental Economic Analysis
  • Conformance/Profile Modification Design in conjunction with Eclipse Oil and Gas we analyze proprietary production metrics to understand the overall health of ongoging waterflood and earmark parts of the field for profile modification.  We not only assist in candidate selection and design of the gel polymer job for indepth profile modification, we also help write a recommendation for Eclipse Oil and Gas to implement in the field.
  • Natural Gas Deliverability Studies including Feasibility Studies of subsurface and surface network – Conventional and non-conventional gas and gas-condensate reservoirs are studied to determine the future deliverability at well, field levels or supply node level. Calculations are based on fluid and rock properties, reservoir pressure, production tests, and buildup and drawdown pressure transient analyses.
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery – Enhanced oil recovery can include thermal processes, solvent flooding, polymer flooding, carbon dioxide, and miscible gas injection processes. Our staff can screen the reservoirs for appropriate process, design the process and help monitor the process as implemented in the field.
  • Feasibility Studies – Technical and economical feasibility of waterflood, EOR processes, unconventional reservoirs using multi staged fractured horizontal wells with long laterals and conformance processes.